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A company, which customers trust the most to buy Herbal Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Lemon Dishwash Liquid, Lemon Hand Wash, Toilet Cleaner, Rose Room Freshener Spray, etc.

Bhutiyani Chemicals introduces itself as a company that is dedicated to providing a variety of chemical-based cleaning products for household use. We started business in 2000 and since then have set many benchmarks in the domain by supplying Lemon Dishwash Liquid, Herbal Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Lemon Hand Wash, Toilet Cleaner, Rose Room Freshener Spray, and many other products. Our experts, who hold rich knowledge about chemical properties and several ingredients, carefully pick them in the right quantities to develop the offered products. We supply products in packs of different sizes, which, as a manufacturer, makes us meet the demands of a huge clientele. Our products are packed in sealed materials that protect them from moisture, contamination, and many other harms.

Facilities We Have

In the current world, it is important for companies to have sound facilities. The output that a company can receive because of the technologically advanced machines, tools, and facilities cannot be attained with manpower. Further, the use of machines, tools, and facilities decreases the overall production cost and enhances profit margins as well as work efficiency.

The aforementioned benefits were well-recognised by us right at the beginning of operations; hence, we have maintained sound facilities for ourselves. We keep on regularly checking our tools, equipment, and facilities to further ensure smooth and trouble-free completion of the tasks.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Huge Product Range: We fulfill demands of many customers by supplying a variety of products, like Lemon Dishwash Liquid, Lemon Hand Wash, Toilet Cleaner, Herbal Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Rose Room Freshener Spray, etc.
  • High growth rate: We consider ourselves a tough competitor. We set our own success goals and ensure that we attain them, and as a result, our growth rate is exceptionally high in the industry.
  • Ethical Work Practices: Grabbing the attention of customers is somehow easy, but retaining their trust is tough. But, with our ethical work practices that make customers believe that they will never be cheated and served with the best, we attain growth and success.
  • Prompt Delivery Schedule: Our promptness in delivery of orders is highly praised. Our punctuality makes us extensively chosen by customers for bulk, urgent, and important deals.